Cook top - Petit Abode
Cook top - Petit Abode
Cook top - Petit Abode

Cook top - Petit Abode

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Designed in Australia and handcrafted from high quality, lightweight plywood and sealed with a clear lacquer for longevity. 
The cooktop is the perfect addition to the IKEA Düktig play kitchen, fitting perfectly into the existing countertop.
When I did my first makeover of the Düktig, it didn’t matter what I did, the black plastic cooktop never looked right with what I had designed! This wooden cooktop changes all of that. It matches perfectly with every design you could think of and has so many different uses. 

I promise you’ll love it! 
30cm x 22cm 

NOTE: These items are for décor purposes only or for light playing of children over the age of THREE. Please be aware these items you are purchasing are handmade and/or hand painted. While we do try to keep all our products looking the best because of the nature of handmade there may be slight differences from time to time. Or other factors which are out of our control. 


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